The Vitage Grooming Co Death Grip Mustache Wax

The Vitage Grooming Co Death Grip Mustache Wax

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Death Grip Moustache Wax is TVGs serious, award winning, competition grade, styling moustache wax made to style those handlebars throughout the entire day! When they say "strong", they really mean EXTRA STRONG, and if applied properly you won't have to concern with applying more throughout the day. As this wax will even hold thru the night and act as a great medium wax the following day with no further application necessary if you don't wash it out!

It is handcrafted from a perfect combination of lanolin, bees wax, and other select natural ingredients that help shape those handlebars! It offers a nice competition grade extra strong hold that is perfect for keeping the hairs off the lip for the perfect style! With wax this strong, you can bet that a little will go a long way! The average sized mustache can expect about 2-3 months of use from these tins.

1oz tin 

Made in Colorado USA 


  • Lanolin
    naturally contains: Vitamin D
  • Bees Wax
    naturally helps retain moisture
  • Pine Gum Rosin